Ian MacKaye

Over the course of the last two and a half decades there have been few figures more important in the... Oct 01, 2004


Interpol: Antics

For those of you among our readership who perused and were as seriously nonplussed about CMG writer Mr. Nezar’s...

Sep 29, 2004


Brian Wilson: SMiLE

It's a story that's been told many times before, one documented by far more authoritative figures than myself or... Sep 29, 2004


Buck 65: 463 EP

In early 2005 Warner USA will release a career-spanning Best of Buck 65 in an attempt to entice the American... Sep 29, 2004


Brother Ali: Champion EP

There’s a reason why Atmosphere’s “Cats Van Bags” was the first vinyl single from Seven’s Travels (2003). Brother Ali ripping... Sep 29, 2004


Buck 65: Sore EP

“Sore” contains a nonchalant bassline that seems to meander in ignorance of the rest of the song’s nervous instrumentation. A... Sep 28, 2004


Devendra Banhart: Niño Rojo

Devendra Banhart self-describes Niño Rojo, his newest record for Young God records and his second full length release of all... Sep 22, 2004