Explain Yourselves!

By The Staff | 25 November 2012

Q: Something’s different. Did you guys get a haircut or a new design or something?

How nice of you to notice.

Why, yes, we have a brand new design, and we’ve updated things quite a bit across the site. But for all of the new changes (ratings? Gone! Comments on all pages now? We’re fully prepared to regret that one) and new toys (an audio player that works as you browse the site), this is by no means the finished relaunch.

We’ll be re-thinking/dicking around with the design, functionality, and features a lot more sporadically and frequently, actually. (We just won’t be going black for fucking ever to make those changes, from now on.) We’ll also be fixing many of the issues you’ll find as you trek deeper into our archives. In the meantime, hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think of our brand new bag.

Q: What’s up with the name? Isn’t it an album or something?

Coke Machine Glow is the name of a Gordon Downie album, yes, and it’s also the name of his book of poetry.

Scott bought the domain in 2002 for use as a split personal site (er, blog, maybe) with official CMG Asshole Bryan Bodell before it eventually became this. The name just never changed; though we did attempt to think of something a little less plagiaristic at a few points, nothing stuck. So, for better or worse, here we are.

Q: But…won’t you get sued?

Coke might eventually say something. Or Downie will get pissed off that the name of the first album/book under his own name has been co-opted for a music e-zine. Who’ll sue us first? All part of the fun.

Q: So what the hell are you now?

We’re a webzine. We write about music.

Q: Why?

Wait, what?

Q: What the fuck are you guys doing? Do you have a mission statement, or anything?

Heavens, of course not. We’ve barely got cellphones. But over the years we’ve developed a set of priorities and interests. We are interested in our position along the crumbling borders of journalism and opinion, criticism and literature, art and scene. We are interested in exploring this disintegration through the context of music: hip-hop, indie, out, electronic, or whatever else strikes us, although, really, mostly those four. We think the internet is a weird and very funny place, and hopefully you’re here laughing at it with us.

Q: Well, I want in! Can I apply to write for you?

We’re always hiring, but hiring is a loose term in that no one here’s getting paid. If asked to join the staff, though, you will get promo CDs and concert tickets and the chance to interview artists you admire and be a valued part of a close-knit collective of cultural writers who occasionally matriculate, with the Glow’s blessing, to bigger and better (paying) things. To apply, e-mail us a couple of lists—first, your favorite ten or so of this decade, second, your favorite ten or so of this year so far. Let us know roughly what you’re looking to do: records, tracks, features, all of the above. Attach some examples of your writing and an introductory cover letter and we’ll be in touch if we’re interested.

Q: This site is bullshit! I hate you! How do I contact you to inform you of this?

Direct your rage here: hatebag@cokemachineglow.com

We shall grow large with your ire.

Q: I want you in my life forever.

That is not a question, FAQ. That is The Answer.

Q: Do you accept promos?

You, unsigned promo person, are our lifeblood. If there’s a particular writer who you’d like to get in touch with, check the staff page. If not, contact Scott and he’ll get you in touch with someone. While we’ll give anything a listen, we’re pretty selective in what we actual get around to covering, so please don’t be offended if that doesn’t include your music. Keep us updated on future projects; maybe it’ll fit in better. PR professionals should be advised, by the way, that there is no central CMG office, as we’re too major for that, but many staffers freelance elsewhere and are nice contacts to have anyway.

Q: I want to read some boring tech stuff! Where can I do that?

Jackpot: Cokemachineglow.com is powered by Textpattern. Direct any tech issues to Scott.