Destroyer: Your Blues

Since recording his first record as Destroyer in 1996 with the almost impenetrably lo-fi We’ll Build Them a Golden Bridge,...

Mar 09, 2004


Dangermouse: The Grey Album

Ah, mash-ups. What could be finer than hearing Christina Aguilera crooning over the Strokes? I've always enjoyed them, but they've... Mar 02, 2004


Chad VanGaalen: Infiniheart

Infiniheart is the debut full length from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chad VanGaalen. It’s the product of many years of...

Mar 02, 2004


Xiu Xiu: Fabulous Muscles

Hidden Track: “Xiu Xiu Sings the Re-View View Blues (Self-Absorption Makes Jamie a Muck Sponge) OH!”

The first four tracks on...

Feb 24, 2004