Blur: Think Tank

Looking through my CD collection, I realize that rarely do I own just the one good... Aug 20, 2003


Clearlake: Cedars

It's been a long time since a non-experimental album confounded me like Cedars has, ... Jul 23, 2003


Deftones: Deftones

With their past firmly rooted in the rap/rock genre, Deftones have always tip-toed around guilty pleasure territory, despite always sticking...

Jun 11, 2003


Absinthe Blind: Rings

First, the band name is great. Second, this thing is MASSIVE. Five minutes shy of the full-hour mark. Which...

Apr 28, 2003


Matthew Good: Avalanche

Originally I was going to write this review in the form of a fake interview,with Matt Good stepping out every...

Mar 16, 2003