Arctic Monkeys

Favourite Worst Nightmare

(Domino; 2007)

By Alan Baban | 29 December 2007

The big cliché about the Arctic Monkeys is that they matter; the bigger cliché is that they don’t.

Still, the unmistakable fact is that by the time this week is over, Favourite Worst Nightmare will have monopolised UK charts, with all twelve—yes, twelve—of its songs already making steady headway in the UK top 150. Statement or no statement: somewhere along the line, people cared enough to get in a wild tizzy, and those same people have already received this second outing rapturously. “At the very top of their own and everyone else’s game,” says the Observer Music Monthly; to others the band is similarly “unique, vibrant,” coming up trumps with “authenticity and integrity.” My friend Ralph thinks they’re “awesome,” and I don’t pretend to disagree: there’s certainly something about the Arctic Monkeys, even if their last EP sort of paled relative to the champagne melodicisms and cosmo-hip witticisms of choice Whatever You Think I Am, That’s What I’m Not