Black Wine: "Through the Foam"


By Christopher Alexander | 10 February 2012

Seven months after their great Summer of Indifference LP came out via Don Giovanni, Asbury Park’s Black Wine finally releases an official video for single “Through the Foam.” The song captures everything mighty about the band in about three minutes: chord progression ripped from Bob Mould’s catalog? Check. Instantly memorable vocal hooks? Oh yeah. Brutal ensemble playing? You had to ask? The video, in turn, present everything fun, goofy, and revelatory about the New Brunswick punk scene which raised their earlier bands: crowded illegal basement shows, communal support for hometown heroes, an unabashed love of cornball shit (in this instance it’s wrestling, in its WWE and Mexican guises), the grease trucks, drugs. It’s all wildly entertaining. Bonus points for featuring a house I’ve been drunk and/or high in way too often to count.