Cyrus of the Sun: "With Our Heads Held High (Thin Films remix)"

Download (2012)

By George Bass | 10 July 2012

Chariots of Fire (1981) is being rereleased for the Olympics, and the producers have missed a trick. Instead of wheeling out that Vangelis score and its associated spoofs they could have pasted in something fresh; something that says “We’re going to lose to the Puerto Ricans” in true 21st century style. And they don’t come more styled than cinematic electronica king Dan McRae, whose remix of Cyrus of the Sun is so rousing it could inspire a new lion-fighting event.

If replacing an iconic soundtrack sounds like blasphemy, McRae’s got the license to do so—he’s been working in post-production since Cold Mountain (2003), the same time he dropped arctic opus Eskimo. His work here might not appease a mob of Ian Charleson fans but it could certainly get the spectators pumping: it sends out peace vibes with waterfall samples, then crackles with distorted bass, bringing in light, luscious strings. Just when the Radio 4 crowd think it’s safe McRae powers up a helicopter engine, detonating drill drums and a chorus of violins like a drone attack on Last Night of the Proms. This is how viewers—movie viewers—want 2012 to end: not with chaps in straw hats clapping but a triumphant Michael Bay moment, the appropriate accompanying ten mile tracking shot and credits longer than Gladiator.