MYPET: "Pays to Know"

Single (2012)

By George Bass | 4 September 2012

Though their name paints them as a Sims add-on kitten package, MYPET are anything but: the LA duo play obtuse digital pop, layering female vocals over garish electronica. It’s the sort of music you’d put on to test out your neighbors, and its composers—Amy and Ray, surnames unknown—know how to take an interesting melody and coat it with hi-tech defenses. With her sleepy voice and his thudding synths, the Crystal Castles vibes here are strong. Give it six months and they’ll have battered Madonna t-shirts and an EP that they’ve “re-imagined” from the 8bitpeoples forum.

For now they’re doing something a little more unique, but still commercial enough for indie label Luv Luv Luv to sign them. “Pays to Know” takes UK funky and drops it in a heat wave, the Oriental-sounding flourishes and rolling beats fusing into one very exotic sex track. “I gotcha where I wantcha,” groans Amy, the woozy opposite of her partner’s clean synth stabs which he spices up with dirty bass and hissing cymbals. It’s an odd combination but one with chart potential, just as likely to feature in a future Glee episode as it is to be played over a skin flick money shot. If you think that sounds unlikely then check out the bizarre video, which finds Amy and Ray wandering a dark forest, whistling at bee hives and watching cockroaches fuck.