Para One: "Every Little Thing (f/ Teki Latek & Irfane)"


By George Bass | 26 July 2012

Hip-hop producer Jean-Baptiste de Laubier was a king in the ’90s, his Paris studio flat busting with people anxious for his alchemy on their demo tapes. French rap group TTC were one of the first in line, and after mentoring their debut LP de Laubier went crazy, releasing a nine-hour album under the name Fuck-A-Loop. That kind of sabotage would have buried most musicians but de Laubier bounced back, first with a string of funky EPs, and then presumably with a visual entry system to veto all future callers to his apartment.

One of them, Teki Latex, stuck around to turn last year’s “5th Dimension” single into a catchy, pop-length electro hit. He’s been brought back on Passion for “Every Little Thing,” which aims to pile together the high points of de Laubier’s career: soul hooks, Daft Punk remixes, movie scores and dreaming up record titles like Dundun-Dun. The mellow pads and twisted beats overlap nicely, mating French house with Hyperdub while the singer tries unsuccessfully to mate with his dinner date: “And I really didn’t want to come across as a lonely man / When I told you that I loved you on our first date / But I really don’t want to go home,” he groans, crisp synths chorusing around him. The production is predictably fantastic, layering optimism onto the world’s clumsiest pick-up lines, and confirms that the king of Paris is most definitely not dead.