Scott Matelic: "I Will (Remix)"


By Aaron Newell | 9 January 2008

CMG exclusive, bitches!

Now that my Real Talk is out of the way (btw that’s v. July), I’d like to announce that my repeated pleas for street knowledge on the whereabouts of the man behind one of Sole’s Anticon’s 2000’s best beats (“Year Ov Da Sexxx Symbol”) and one of Sage’s few true moments of pretence transcendence (the jawdrop “Broken Wings”) have been answered by the Jah of the MPC 2000 XL himself: Scott “Big Baby Jessica” Matelic.

Scott’s all “Surprise! You wonder where I been? I been workin.” And his crossover attempt is the above remix-in-red that out-com-lags your favourite electrofolker by vast miles of glacial landscapes. Matelic’s remixing of arguably the most haunting Hail to the Thief track must have been like playing Operation on E – how do you not shake and stir and caressingly tweeze yourself at the prospect of finding the one subtly-comforting chord progression that could complement Yorke’s twinned-up tremulous harmonies and subsequently improve things? I’d ask you to think “Pyramid Song” screwed and chopped, but you don’t have to. Sure our boy gets a little hit-happy with the dubby two-step snaps near the end, but one forgives: he makes cymbal crashes work with those vocals. Those vocals. I mean, I bet if you google hard enough you can find a Greenwood quotation to the effect of “nah, Tchoky, you buggin (mate)”.

Other shit that doesn’t have to do with this song: Scott’s got a recent 45 on Bully Records, a beat on the next Sage Francis record (as of now), a Maker-backed 45 coming out on a secret label, some work with dudes Joe Harvey and more dudes Awesome Cool Dudes (excuse the redundancy there, I just report these things), and will be accompanying Steinski with remixes of a new E-Moss project (L.A. producer formerly of Atmos from Mo’Wax) available in October. But that’s like groupie shit compared to the full-on baby mama solo album he’ll be shopping this fall. Got a label? Hit the boy up. And someone put a probation anklet on this guy so he can’t disappear any more.