Sic Alps: "Shark Fucks"


By Maura McAndrew | 10 May 2012

Sic Alps’ new EP Pangea Globe is kind of like a kid brother to another record I wrote about recently, Ty Segall & White Fence’s Hair. The lower-fi and scrappier of the two, Pangea Globe plays like a one-off show in a friend’s basement, total shit-kicking fun in the moment and better than any next-day descriptor could indicate. Though Sic Alps always echo their punk and garage rock heroes, this time they’re taking it all the way, faithfully covering four tracks by little-known London outfit Tronics, who released one record and a handful of seven inches in the early ’80s. Pangea Globe is a labor of love, but don’t get the wrong idea—it doesn’t feel like anyone’s laboring, not for a second.

It’s a nice selection of tracks, showcasing different sides of the Tronics: “Baby’s in a Coma” is a macabre take on retro pop, “Spending Time” is organ-aided garage rock, and “Squiddley Diddley” gets psychedelic and grimy. “Shark Fucks” especially stands out, an oddball-silly surf rock track with lines like “Here comes a shark attack / It’s a load of crap,” and “You can’t eat those creeeeeeps.” Sic Alps’ muffled, homemade sound is fully intact here, and one could easily mistake the track, and the rest of Pangea Globe, for an unusually satisfying and melodic Sic Alps original. Though this is ostensibly just a fun little covers record, the band would be wise to work the same exhilarating sense of fun into their new material. As it stands, Pangea Globe is over all too quickly, but it has enough shaggy charm to last through many repeat listens.