Single Frame: "I'll Lose Your Balance"


By Chet Betz | 20 July 2005

Far too busy genre-mashing to bother communicating much with their content, Single Frame has thrived on simply making music with pure excitement in its blood. When they largely forsook that ecstatic verve on their recent full-length, they didn't leave behind much appealing. However, one song still had an ember heart, and Single Frame frankensteined that song a darker, more twisted body than anything on Wetheads Come Running (2002). Their resulting creation pillages, plunders and absolutely kills.

What's "I'll Lose Your Balance" about? It's about soft keys and hushed verses, trying to hide from the foreboding tyrannosaurus stomp of the drums. It's about the chorus' screeching guitar lick that twists and writhes as if trying to put itself out, leaving burn marks in the fabric of the track. It's about one hellish conclusion as the walls of the song cave in, and the piano falls down the stairs, and a flattening static charge pulses down from the stormclouds that once loomed in the distance. What is "I'll Lose Your Balance"? Intensity on a stick.