Sinner DC: "Endless Valley"


By George Bass | 10 September 2012

Swiss electronica duo Sinner DC were last seen making soft, guitar-edged techno with Crystallized (2009): one of the final albums on the seminal AI Records. Perhaps in honor of the label’s shutdown they’ve quietened their EDM ideas and turned up the real instruments, as well as adding vocals recorded themselves. It makes you wonder what they’d sound like if AI had folded a couple of years earlier—they’d probably be the only DJ act to qualify for a shoegaze event.

If guitar-heavy dream pop is the direction new label Mental Groove want them to go, Sinner DC are going gracefully, striking a balance between their old and new sounds with “Endless Valley.” The first taste of the upcoming Future That Never Happened, it’s every bit as dreamy/expressive as you’d expect, built around echoing electric guitar that groans like a blue whale. Company comes in the form of a low, brooding synth line, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Knight Rider was discontinued, or the duo played to a pulsing Geneva nightclub. “She wants to dance alone tonight,” they breathe, looping endlessly in a private soundtrack for the world’s most miserable clubber. Now there’s an untapped market, and one with plenty of shelf space.