Stay+: "Guardian (f/ Daniel O'Sullivan)"


By George Bass | 8 May 2012

Chris Poole and Matt Farthing are a pair of Mancs with a very experimental edge. One of the things they’ve experimented on is their bank balance, determined to reignite physical releases by selling their EP Arem on folded 50” (complete with giant QR poster and newspaper sleeving). Earthlings can still pick it up as a twelve, or download MP3s, showing the creators have a crumb of remaining business sense and aren’t just on a Brewster’s Millions mission to insolvency.

But once you get into what Stay+ do, perhaps the 50” is the only way to hear it. The ebbing strings and sighs of “Guardian” are genuinely alien, the sighs provided by Daniel O’Sullivan who flips it over into electro-pop. His soulful lyrics glide around the beats while he coaxes insomniacs through the witching hour, where playing a 50” record is the only alternative to vodka or phoning the Samaritans. “When the day breaks / And the night falls / Don’t be afraid / You are not alone,” he groans, the bass approaching like an underground train, Stay+ swinging the focus in and out. It’s a hybrid that really shouldn’t work but it does, like catching Jamie Woon at a rave. Shame there are no mushrooms in that 50”.