Wolf Parade: "I'll Believe In Anything"


By Clayton Purdom | 14 July 2005

So we’re all pretty much cognizant of Wolf Parade now, right? No? Refresher: they’ve put out three EPs (kinda like the Beta Band!), they’ve got an album coming out this fall (like the Super Furry Animals!), it’s produced by Isaac Brock (like, uh, Modest Mouse!), and it’s going to Shins your life up for the better in ways that none of the aforementioned bands have the fresh-faced audacity to. And, despite a host of catchier and harder and more devastating tracks on that forthcoming LP, it’s this caterwauling cascade of resignation and broken-hearted drywall-punching venom that’s got me choked up on every listen.

Maybe it’s the way it starts with anthemic drums and squelchy synths, like a funhouse version of “Born in the USA.” Maybe it’s the vibrato-laden refrain “Give me your eyes / I need sunshine.” Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t tell if there are even verses to this song, just a couple of alternating choruses that gain momentum over four and a half minutes, sliding between rousing “Young Lions” luster and slippery lyrical downturns with effortless grace. Maybe it’s the way this song makes the phrase “Nobody loves you / And nobody gives a damn” sound like a triumphant, hard-won validation. Maybe it’s the fact that I really will believe in anything these days, only to find myself second-guessing my convictions a few weeks later: is The Woods still that good? Is Gimme Fiction? Why don’t I listen to Funeral anymore? O Bloc Party, where art thou? Are Wolf Parade any different?

Do I care?