Louis XIV

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

(Atlantic; 2005)

By Aaron Newell | 28 May 2005

Tasteless Rolling Stones apers rip off an entire decade of rock music and use flesh to sell other peoples’ souls (deluxe edition souls come packaged with a book that shows half of a titt, some bum, and suggests a blowjob —- their mothers must be proud). I can see this music perhaps being palatable only during the third period of a hockey game where the home team is juicing the visitors 7-0, while I’m too busy being 12 years old and hammered drunk to notice, in one of those states like Florida or Texas where hockey’s existence makes no sense, anyway. Thankfully there was that strike this season, and no one will remember this band by the time the next one starts.

They say “any publicity is good publicity.” I already feel like I’ve done something wrong.