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The "Move Your Feet" Award for Best Song by a Buzz Band We Otherwise Don't Give a Shit About

By Calum Marsh | 13 December 2011

WU LYF :: “Spitting Blood”
from Go Tell Fire to the Mountain
(PIAS; 2011)

I don’t understand why anybody really gave a shit about WU LYF’s clusterfuck debut Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, but then again I totally do: they’ve cultivated an irresistible aura of anonymity, making not music that’s strange but Strange Music, a branding effort. Plus they’re British, and we Brits clamor to consume new national buzz bands like they’re going out of fashion. Which they are, perpetually. That’s just the nature of the cycle: some randoms with big hair and Manchester accents roll in, get called the “band of the moment” by Rolling Stone, get hailed by NME as whatever the fuck NME hails things as these days, get Best New Music’d, get downloaded, get record deal’d, and get forgotten, promptly. You will not care about WU LYF in six months. I do not care about WU LYF now. I think Dave Goldstein and Clay Purdom still like them. So it goes.

But then, of course, these bands tend to have a good song or two. Even Wavves had “So Bored,” and Wavves is fucking terrible. WU LYF has by my count one and a half good songs, give or take an unintelligible holler, so here’s me giving them their full due: “Spitting Blood” is cool and “Cave Song” is alright. Someone described them as “stoned garage,” which I think is fair. They’ve also been called “revolutionary” by someone with no apparent interest to the world they live in, but, y’know, don’t get too excited. Did you know their Wikipedia page “has been deleted several times, which itself was covered by the press”? I learned that on their Wikipedia page. How meta. (Don’t feel too bad, guys; the Glow’s page was deleted, too.)

WU LYF: the band of one and a half good songs and a stubbornly undeletable Wikipedia article. Viva la revolution.