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The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Award for Event in London that I Probably Should Have Gone To

By Matt Main | 17 December 2012

Swans live at Koko, London :: November 15th, 2012

Look, term was getting stressful. Fifth (or sixth, or seventh…) week blues were starting to set in. It costs £11 to go from Oxford to London on the night bus and I wouldn’t have got back until very early in the morning on the Friday. CMG editor-at-large Aaron Newell was way too ill, and Alan was being slowly killed off by (the study of) stroke. It was sort of near my birthday—these are all pretty good reasons, right? Right?

Whilst that may be up for debate, the general consensus is that the quality of Swans’ performance isn’t: “rib-shaking, ear-breaking, soul-shattering,” “the best night of my life” wrote one commentator, while others on Last.fm attested to it being an “absolutely stunning 2 and a half hours of brilliance,” amongst other things. Maybe now I’m home, considerably more comfortable and infinitely more bored (and with less pressing work commitments) it is easier to propose things that I ought to have done, but one thing is for certain—come March, nothing is going to stop me redeeming this My Bloody Valentine ticket.