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The RuPaul's Drag Race Award for the Year's Most Convincing Approximation of Women

By Brian Riewer | 12 December 2011

Long Long Long
Who the Fuck Said Family Ain’t Family No More EP
(Self-released; 2011)

There’s been little news since Women’s strains became public and culminated in a fight on stage last year. Though Jagjaguwar assured us immediately after the incident that the band was just in need of some rest, the last concrete knowledge we have on anything happening with Women is the four members barely keeping the situation from dissolving into fisticuffs while drummer Michael Wallace moaned, “my music career is over.” That took place last November. The smart money says this band is kaput.

With Women being fundamentally extinct there’s become a need for a replacement, a stand-in for the passion we used to direct towards Women. Enter Long Long Long, who seem to have purposefully presented themselves as nearly unnoticeably different than Women. Well, not entirely similar, as there are important distinctions to note between the two. Long Long Long’s Who the Fuck Said Family Ain’t Family No More EP is more open-ended and free, the tendrils of their guitars quickly scouring about while their songs change direction on a dime, than the style of Public Strain (2010), based more in noise consumption and neater song structure. Still, they are more in common than they are different, with the doppelg√§nger dogshit vocals of each letting their instrumentation stagger around like the oddball voice that commands it. Who the Fuck Said Family Ain’t Family No More is no Public Strain, but I have to think RuPaul would still be proud.