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The Tony Hayward Award for 2010's Direst Mistake

By Dom Sinacola | 6 December 2010

Shugo Tokumaru
Port Entropy
(P-Vine; 2010)

Though 2010 was major with too much great music to truly digest, Cokemachineglow made a terrible mistake in never giving Shugo Tokumaru’s first Top 40 release, Port Entropy, its proper due. So, Shugo, on behalf of the Cokemachineglow staff…

May your mouth-watering twee pop and deliciously, disturbingly cute videos live on long past the death of our world, piped into the archives of the cosmos to some day be discovered by interstellar Dr. Livingstons who will unfairly assume that the bipedal creatures living atop the planet Earth are all dew-voiced and impressively dexterous.