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The Voxtrot Award for Killing It Dangerously Hard with Pre-Debut EPs

By Chris Molnar | 6 December 2010

Twin Sister
Color Your Life
(Infinite Best; 2010)

Voxtrot released three astoundingly solid EPs in the year before their debut, each consecutively featuring a sound and visual style evolved in giant steps. It turned out to be a curse, though, and coming out of the gate fully formed proved disastrous to their self-titled debut. Without offering any interesting developments (or songs), it genericized a band whose appeal lay in how they tantalized with tiny, ruthlessly self-edited morsels. Three years of indifference later, they called it quits in April.

Twin Sister has many of the same qualities—a familiar yet subtly progressive sound; tight, retro album art; two killer pre-debut EPs—so the question becomes: can they stave off the Voxtrot curse? Like with that band’s Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives (2006), there is an instant familiarity to Color Your Life, one not of the Coldplay variety, but of new standards being written. That the songs emerge from passages of silence and buzzing, building grooves makes that easy to overlook, but the insidiousness of, say, “Milk & Honey” creates something akin to instant nostalgia. It’s music both engaging and well-tread, both forward-thinking and vintage. Sadly, by the time their full-length comes to light, they may already be old news.