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The "Yeah, this sounds like a Doves record" Award

By David M. Goldstein | 16 December 2009

Doves :: Kingdom of Rust
(EMI; 2009)

It’s a dangerous thing when a band gets too comfortable in their own skin. I don’t know anybody who outright hates Doves; “There Goes the Fear” alone has scored each of them a one-way ticket to heaven. But man, was Kingdom of Rust the epitome of a retread. Jangly, melancholy, and exceedingly well produced, it sounded exactly like what the man on the street would anticipate a Doves record to sound like, only this time minus any of the life-affirming singles that have been their saving grace. Rust contained no surprises whatsoever, which borders on inexcusable given the band’s penchant of taking four years between records. In an era where whole albums can swiftly be deleted from external hard drives without a second thought, Doves must try a little harder next time.