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The How Did I Sleep On This, Seriously? Award

By David Abravanel | 21 December 2008

Róisín Murphy
(EMI; 2007)

As much as I might fancy myself the all-seeing-eye of electronic music, the truth is I didn’t know anything about Moloko (Róisín Murphy’s former group) when in 2008 I first put on Overpowered (yes, from 2007). I was slated to serve jury duty that day and put some new music on my mp3 player in preparation. I thought it might be hellish, just sitting around all morning and waiting to get called, but thanks to Róisín Murphy, those hours melted away. I even snuck into the hallway because I needed to dance.

That title track has to be from a muse; it’s too infectious to be human. A deceptively simple acid-line, some floating chords, and Murphy singing about infatuation in such a way that was both affecting and deep, yet also inspiring for some ass-shaking. And that’s just track one, not even touching on the tense a capella percussion on “Checking On Me,” the flooring synths and sly critique of primping pop princesses on “Movie Star,” or the tech-hop banger that is “Dear Miami.”

So to you, dear readers, I make a plea: watch the video embedded with this article, then check out the rest of Overpowered. Don’t sleep on it any longer than you have too. I know that the blogosphere isn’t talking about it anymore, but since when do blogs know anything? (CMG, of course, is a web-magazine. We provide vital content; please don’t ever stop reading). Of all the pop singers with popularity across the pond but not in the states, Róisín Murphy is easily the most deserving (take that, Robbie Williams). Worth it enough for me to hit option-e so many times just to type out the name Róisín with the accents.