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The "We Have The Facts and We’re Voting Yes" Award for Title Track of the Year

By George Bass | 19 December 2008

College :: “Secret Diary”
from Secret Diary
(Futur; 2008)

Do you remember college? Or, as that should be in his native French, collage? Here’s one delicious tidbit to power up the neon of David Grellier’s brilliant debut/youth, which really should be titled 88% of the ‘80s if it wouldn’t fuck up the context of this award. Like a film version of Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero that meets with the author’s approval, College offers tense chunks of mnemonic energy on his Secret Diary LP, programmed in JX-3P format for anyone who’s burnt out on Quaalude and Centipede. It’s not your typical “Help! I’m 29!” crisis that’s been backed into a truckload of Casio, though: “Secret Diary” broods like the lights on the Knight Rider’s hood, mounting a steady 4/4 pulse into emotional sci-fi wavelengths. It lives up to the buzz of the marketing by evoking those big-screen childhood soundtracks (even that Zonders’ donated cover art seems poached from Risky Business [1983]), and if you dash to the cash desk quick enough you might still bag yourself the limited VHS edition. Tubular!