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R.I.P. The Pop Winds

By Scott Reid | 5 July 2011


To the surprise and immense disappointment of everyone who happened upon and quickly fell in love with last year’s The Turquoise—including many CMG staffers, who voted it into our Top 50 Records of 2010—the Pop Winds played their final show this past weekend in Montreal. Needless to say, despite the promise of a few new tracks in the coming months, as well as solo material from members Kyle Jukka (as Flow Child) and Devon Welsh (as Majical Cloudz, whose excellent track with Grimes is currently making the blog rounds), we’re pretty bummed about this.

As a minor silver lining, thanks to Arbutus Records (who are also hosting some photos from the show, and boy does the mustachioed dude in the front row with the striped shirt look like he’s having the time of his life) we can at least hear Pop Winds’ farewell set at hotel2tango. Though a brief 24 minutes, it’s nevertheless a fitting send-off to what was, as Calum said in his review of The Turquoise, one of “the most exciting bands not just in Montreal but in the entire country.” Sniff: