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Top 10 Gimmicks for the Next Matmos Album

By David Abravanel, Joel Elliot, & Chet Betz | 2 July 2008

They’ve tackled the Ol’ West, plastic surgery, the British and American Civil Wars, lives of dynamic gay people, and, for their latest, taken a vow of synthesizer-only chastity. I present to you a list of ideas for their future releases, keeping in mind that the “batshit crazy sex noises” concept has already been snatched up by Nymphomatriarch (Venetian Snares & Hecate), while food and its politics was done by Matthew Herbert (on Plat Du Jour).

10. Flatulence during sex.

Possible album title: Farts and Bones

9. Getting drunk and playing video games.

Possible album title: Schnapps and Snood

8. Youtube celebrities.

Possible album title: Leave Matmos Alone!!!!!!

7. Björk gets her hair did.

Possible album title: Dead Cells Sells

6. Recordings of hipsters not listening to Simon & Garfunkel

Possible album title: The Sound of Silence

5. George W. Bush stuttering over big words

Possible album title: Unilateral Enunciation

4. Field recordings from inside the coffins of dead gay poets

Possible album title: Boned By Whitman

3. Samples from Oval CDs with Baroque paintings drawn on them in chalk

Possible album title: Masterpicesche

2. Samples from field recordings of a bris.

Possible album title: Circumsituation (For Skin)

1. Post-modern mashup of Duran Duran and Duran Duran Duran

Possible album title: Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran