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IV :: Classic Rock

By Mark Abraham | 7 November 2006

It’s a joke, ‘cept not, ‘cause classic rock itself is the punchline to a joke constructed by radio stations for years. What exactly is rock? Like, you don’t really need me to tell you that Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones or Patti Smith are great right? Maybe you don’t need me to tell you these albums are great, either, but I picked them either because they’re rare, they’re overshadowed by other catalogue items, or they’re just schlocky enough that you’ve never really thought about them. But also because they’re all really good, and because I think they demonstrate just how vibrant rock could be, and all the different ways you could fall into playing rock. So while Retconning is never a "best of" list, this one really isn’t, but beyond that, let’s just have some fun with what rock can be. Here are some albums I love — some sheepishly, some proudly, but all now in public.