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Top 10 Nonsense Michael Stipe Lyrics from Early R.E.M. Albums

By Matt Stephens | 22 November 2005

10. “Up to buy, Katie buys a kitchen-size, but not me in /
Setting trap for the big kill, waste o’ time, sitting still”
-“Sitting Still”

9. “We ankled up the garbage sound, but they were busy in the rows.”
-“Gardening at Night”

8. “Cowered in a hole, opie mouth /
We in step, in hand, your mother remembers this /
Hear the howl of the rope, a question /
Did we miss anything? Did we miss anything?”

7. “Your hate clipped and distant, your luck a two-headed cow”

6. “There’s a splinter in your eye and it reads ‘REACT’”

5. “He piloted this song in a plane like that one /
She is selling faith on the Go Tell crusade.”
-“Driver 8”

4. “Who will tend the farm museums? Who will dust today’s belongings? /
Who will sweep the floors, hedging near the givens? /
Rally round your leaders it’s the mediator season /
Diane is on the beach, do you realize the life she’s led?”
-“Little America”

3. “Kick the clay that holds the teeth in /
Throw your trolls out the door”
-“Can’t Get There From Here”

2. “Scratch the scandals in the twilight /
Trying to shock but instead /
Idle hands all orient to her /
Pass a magic pillow under head”
-“Moral Kiosk”

1. “Be in my club, write a book this season”
-“Second Guessing”