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Best Made-For-TV Bands, Except Dingoes Ate My Baby, Because Buffy Fans with Access to Youtube are Crazy and You Try Wading Through all the Homemade 'Shipper Reels

By Mark Abraham | 3 July 2008

Groovie Goolies: “Midnight”

Zach Attack: “Friends Forever”

California Raisins: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Cold Slither: “Untitled”

Frozen Embyros: “Red”

Zit Remedy: “Everybody Wants Something”

Creation: “Sunshine of Your Love”

The Misfits: “Universal Appeal”

California Dreams: “Rain”

Jesse and the Rippers: “Forever”


Stevie Wonder and the Cast of Sesame Street: “Superstition”

Okay, so not a fake band, but how awesome is it that they play this track for like 7 minutes with no commercial breaks? That’s children’s entertainment!