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Top 10 Up-and-Coming Contenders for the Throne of Most Overused Animal Moniker for Band Names

By Mark Abraham | 1 July 2008

It seems the “wolf” moniker is finally petering out, so let’s examine contenders for the throne of Overused Animals in Band Naming::

10. Quail

(e.g. “Quailmother,” “Platinum Quail,” “Superquail.”)

9. Marmoset

(e.g. “Marmoset Masters,” “The Marmo Set,” “Fuck Marmots; We’re the Marmosets!”)

8. Abalone

(e.g. “Alone:Abalone,” “The Abalone Assist,” “Abalony.”)

7. Cow

(e.g. “Iron Cow Confederacy,” “Köwtöwing,” “Cow Dancing.”

6. Anglerfish

(e.g. “Angerfish,” “The Angler Gang!”, “Fish Dangler.”)

5. Nursery Spider

(No modifications necessary.)

4. Manatee

(e.g. “Manatee Glee,” “Crystal Manatee,” “There’s Only One ‘t’ in Manatee.”)

3. Jobi Manucode

(e.g. “Jobi Jobi,” “Jobi: A Man with a Code,” “Velour Jobi Manucode.”)

2. Sloth

(e.g. “The Pale-Throats,” “I, Sloth,” “Your Sloth is Sick.”)

1. Wallaby

(e.g. “Wannabewallaby?”, “Chris Walla’s Chris Walla-bes,” “Devendra Banhart.”)