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Thom Yorke :: 4 October 2009

By Photos by David Greenwald & the Staff | 12 October 2009

In the background that’s Darth Vader’s lightsaber about to make Thom Yorke MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

Wherein Thom covers the entirety of A Rush of Blood to the Head in less than four minutes. It sounds like spinning plates.

And after aaaaaaaaallllll / You’re my Wonder Wa-aaalllllll

Just give me the signal and I’ll shoot out a slap-bass solo like it’s no thing.

Yo suu!

Gotten so any Thom, Dick, or Harry with a terrible neck beard can just get on stage without proper grooming? No respect.

As Thom nodded off mid-strum, Boogz thought it’d be the perfect time to get in close without waking him u…


Thank God in this light no one can see my wicked pit stains.

It was a night of Prince impressions: first the O-face power solo, then a silk screen silhouette of his guitar as a giant knob.

I wish Thom would stop winking at me whenever he sings “We’ve got heads on sticks / You’ve got ventriloquists”

The only smile of the night. Because he farted.