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Top 22 Pictures of Mike Love Looking Like a Douche

By The Staff | 3 July 2008

Love’s soul is stolen by the camera, transported into the future and placed, awkwardly, into the Ladyhawk lineup.

Brian: Hey guys, check it out. I’m teaching this monkey how to play the piano.

I can’t let my arms drop or everyone will see the rip.

Why aren’t the other guys putting their hand between their navel and their groin? The photographer said HANDS BETWEEN NAVELS AND GROINS!

Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat.

I see you, dick-bag. Say one more thing about my coat of shiny colours and I will end you.

Even John Stamos and Dennis Hopper think Mike Love is a douche.

“No, really, I’m talented.”

Now everybody pick something weird up and hold it.

I’m comin’ for you, you damn epileptics!

Man, these overalls are comfortable. I feel like I could crap them and no one would ever care.


…and this picture is from Six Flags, where they dress you like an old timey guy and make you stand in from of an old timey thing? And run it through a sepia filter? To look old timey? I went by myself.

I’m so much cooler than these clueless farts. Stripes and solids? C’mon, guys, feather patterns.

How do you say “my cousin is the talent, I just write ‘Kokomo’”?


Bless you, my son. Also, you’re standing on my foot, not the kick drum.

Must…resist…urge…to pull out…Mike’s Love.

Look at me. LOOK AT ME. We’re pregnant.

Devo: the lovely meringue years.

C’mon gas…hold…

To the tune of “Rock Me Amadeus”: “Golden penis golden penis. Gooolden penis. Golden penis golden penis.”