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Top 12 Runners Up In Times New Viking’s Search for a Band Name Contest

By The Staff | 3 July 2008

12. Calibri Face

11. Arial Rounded MT Bold Iroquois

10. Gill Sans Ultra Bold Medium Condensed Oasis

9. Fabulous Swedish Helvetica

8. Wolf Verdana

7. Radiocopperplate Gothic Book

6. !Kung Fu Wingding

5. Death Courier for Cutie

4. The Lucida Grand Fuzzies

3. Trebuchet Swede Dane Ruskie Ukranian French Chinese Canadians from Norway

2. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Comic Sans MS

1. TW Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold The Arcade Fire

Bonus list!: Top Ten Possible Lyrics for the Incomprehensibly Fuzzed-Out First Line of Rip It Off

10. In Reseda they’ve got these neat poplars.

9. When you’re mean I don’t like your new potluck.

8. Golly gee I look hot in this mod dress.

7. Let’s release this album on the internet for free or pay just like Radiohead did when they changed music forever.

6. Filled with glee he went looking for mock grass.

5. See the tree I can taste the blue sock lint.

4. Let’s retrieve all of CMG’s podcasts.

3. Look at me I’m a speck-a-ly cod fish.

2. If you pee and it hurts then you’ve got (Gonor)rhea.

1. For our next record, we’re gonna do it mid-fi, I’m going to learn how to use this microphone, and it is going to be OFF. THE HOOK.