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Top 10 Reasons I Scrapped My List of Top 10 Amazing Real Facts About Juggalos

By Clayton Purdom | 1 July 2008

10. While my #10 was kinda funny (“They’re easy to make fun of because they dress stupid”) my #1 (“They like ICP—for real!”) was not, just from a formal comedic standpoint.

9. I didn’t really have a #9-2.

8. Making fun of a group of people that embrace a movie called Killer Klowns from Outer Space just seemed dumb, even for me.

7. Also, I’ve never seen Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Maybe it’s funny!

6. I thought they were all openly, but kinda “behind-closed-doors” racist, like, as a pact, but I can’t really find any proof of that. Maybe it was just all the Juggalos I knew that hated people who weren’t white, who knows.

5. See #9.

4. Juggalos are crazy. I do not want Juggalos united against me. Look what they did to Eminem.

3. Ironic embrace of Faygo? Kinda cool.

2. While searching around for funny images/facts about Juggalos,
I found a video on Youtube (not posting it) of a young woman in a state of clear distress and anger discussing the death of her infant daughter, who she had apparently buried dressed as a Juggalo at the funeral. It’s pretty obviously real. It was ostensibly posted for people to laugh at, but, I mean, that shit is not funny. The next video I clicked on, which I’d hoped was a news story about the incident (okay: I was kinda fascinated), was not, in fact, that.

1. It was a Rick Roll. The universe is eating itself.