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Top 10 Babel Fish-Translated Critiques of CMG

By Scott Reid | 30 June 2008

10. “It is time for jaarlijstjes. Almost each music site or MP3-blog has its lijstje meanwhile finished and it beautiful is that they are almost all this way pleasant gew.”

9. “Normally do not communicate I new left, but for Cokemachineglow I want gladly make an exception. Is a type English-speaking person Kindamuzik, but then very a lot aimed at artists where I walk away such as Devendra spell heart, Franz Ferdinand, Ryan Adams, Andrew Bird, Nada surf and Xiu Xiu. Verify risky under!”

8. “Cokemachineglow.com is their maturest circle friendly outstanding work!”

7. “You have always on the mind the theory of plot that whether? Present “discovery” Of [pitchforka] – The Of hold Of steady, but completely none not Of the Of national. Them in essence they praised [Billbord] and CokeMachineGlow. And, it is necessary to note, deservedly.”

6. “Criticisms of discs, interviews and account-returned concerts for this webzine American recent and of very good invoice. Weekly update.”

5. “Thus it submits very much stretching overview of the Brazilian Favela sound. Very roughly, very funky, very very much sexy

That do not mix is on a material clay/tone carrier probably more available, but however with Cokemachineglow than mp3 – allegedly with agreement Diplos. (Besides, there ’ gives also M.I.A s to Piracy of find Terrorism to the download).”

4. “I leave to cliccare here in order to discover which you are the band that more the editors have been strange than this most interesting site. Moreover to notice the possibility to unload pieces for some of the artists listed in this ‘Half Year Extravaganza’. For how much all the artists are not known from the foundations I allow to advise the following ones sure.”

3. “In the bar of linkings we renomeamos the area ‘Noisy Weblogs’ in ‘Noisy Sites or Weblogs’. The new acquisitions of this area are: – cokemachineglow”

2. “cokemachineglow this special edition is just like is an artware, but actually has the interest, may be popular, vanguard’s unpopularity!”

1. “But here also the top from Cokemachineglow!!
[Spuun] the first about yes) “ to [vprintsipe] is possible yes. but [Fyucher] of [of] to [ze] of [left], super-siloNT, [frog] of [tiers], [dear] tick this already music which not for me a little, [popsovye] fellows like me thoughtfully [vzydykhayut]))

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