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Top 10 Hamilton Leithauser Lyrical Ice Picks

By Andre Perry | 29 June 2008

Via the characters in his lyrics, singer Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen is notorious for spewing straight-up hate and disinterest about love, relationships, and the cruel irony of life. Here are ten of his best lyrical swipes:

10. “Your jokes missed / Your hands grow to fists”

from “Stop Talking”

9 . “There’s mansions on the street / There’s gardens in the gates / We sat up through the night for nothing”

from “Always After You (‘Ttil You Started After Me)”

8. “See me age 19 with some dumb haircut from 1960 / Moving to New York City / Live with my friends there we’re all taking the same steps / They’re foolish now”

from “We’ve Been Had”

7. “Break out the bottles when I go / I’ll dig a hole for all your friends!”

from “All Hands and the Cook”

6. “You used to be some kind of joke…you wandered down an open road and you kept going / What happened to you?! / What happened to you?!”

from “The Blue Route”

5. “I know, that you’re superstitious / That you follow glamour / You’re so caught up they push you around, and up and down”

from “That’s the Punchline”

4. “Broken hearted, don’t get me started / That’s no way to greet someone / So quit that laugh and give me some action”

from “Look Out the Window”

3. “What’s in it for me? / I came here for a good time and you’re telling me to leave / But you don’t have to say it again, I heard you the first time”

from “What’s in it for Me?”

2. “You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favor / You’ve got a nerve to be calling my number”

from “The Rat”

1. “You’re an old friend / We both know I could take you out”

from “My Old Man”