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Top 10 Made-up Destroyer Lyrics

By The Staff | 30 June 2008

10. “The wine of their eyes tasted like juniper / Oh god, Jupiter / you are a big planet.”

9. “The dresser is on fire, but not the best to know aflame’d / Chicago is two, great! / My loins, in first.”

8. “She wrapped her halo ‘round her ear lobe / falling on the fickle fjords of fashion. / Not as innocent as those blue jeans / so bourgeois blues on me. / O’ Diana—the moon is made of CURDS NOT CHEESE!”

7. “‘A coterie aloof!’ / called the lamb to its hoof / and the garland of the dook was not overtly preoccu-pieduh.”

6. “On able ankles, ‘absolutely!’—but truly we’re fixating on fiction. / Ungainly looms the bitten groom; his diction is surface-deep.”

5. “Oh: Homunculus. / Your ho-hum homonyms—oh, monk, you lust. / You name our humble human murmurs a numbered calculus. / Oh: homunculus.”

4. “Desire is a threaded weasel / baring teeth at passing women. / I once thought / there was no finer trapper of weasels / than you. / But then I discovered / that Scott Weiland’s solo album / is only $14.99 on Amazon.com. / His lyrics are quite brilliant. / Nosferatu!”

3. “Zounds! / Mirthless anecdotes abound!/ Persnickety and trite, / she was wilting in the tiger’s eye. / Once capricious and profound: ALIVE!”

2. “‘Destroy!’ / she yelled atop her griffin, bespeckled in dusted velour. / She was a barista with hopes of venom—chocolate dust and cinnamom twists injustices. / A businessman with a cellphone earpiece mouthed, ‘Cobra! Cobra! Cobra!’ in her ear. / This song is about World War 2.”

1. “Gene’s hubris is larval. / The stewardess too rapacious / to marvel at how many drinks he’s ordered. / Scrimshaw skies and Inuit glyphs. / The cumulus like eyelets / and nimbus a cold iris.”