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By Aaron Newell | 14 February 2005

Name: Joao Vieira

Date of Birth: 17 of May 1973

Place of Birth: Porto, Portugal

Place of residence: Porto, Portugal

"I moved out of my parent(s') place when I was 22 because I moved to London."

Your day job: Freelance graphic designer

Your night job:

Your dream job: Musician with a world-wide record deal

Your band's date of birth: March 2002

Your band sounds like: 3 people that listen to a lot of old records

Your band actually wants to sound like: Us

The most flattering rock moment you've had: James Murphy (DFA/LCD Soundsystem) mailed us saying that he really liked the album. He also said I had a good voice. (James Murphy getting in touch?)

The Worst Comparison you've suffered: cokemachine saying that we were trying to imitate the Rapture when actually 80% of the songs from our album were written before we heard any stuff from the Rapture.

I'd be happy if critics would just..:
listen to our record

The hardest thing about breaking in North America has been:
getting a label to sign a band from Portugal

The best thing about coming from outside of North America is:
less competition, but then again.

We've received the best guidance/assistance/generosity from: Rajeev Muttreja from "one louder blog." He's the best! He helped us out getting gigs while we were in NY and putting our album out at other music and insound.

Your coolest fan is: Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand mentioned in an interview that he liked us. And James Murphy, of course.

You wish no one ever heard your music because: I want everyone to hear us

The best band you know of that no one else knows of is
: whitey

Your sleaziest Rock moment: entering an air guitar contest in London in 1999.

If Timbaland remixed one of your songs, who would you have rap over the bridge? Humm. Missy Elliot

If you could eat someone (given that, after eating them, you'd get their powers) who would it be? Prince, he's actually quite small it wouldn't take me that long to eat him.

Ipods are from hell because: you never listen to an entire album, you're constantly zapping.

Top five things to do before your children put you in a home: release an album worldwide, Tour North America, Spend a New Year's Eve with my best friends in Rio de Janeiro, meet David Bowie, have children.

Last words
(for the interview or otherwise):
support the scene that supports you. That is the only way that the independent scene will survive.

Include a top ten music things: albums, songs, artists, whatever you're feeling right now.

Top 10 albums that influenced me the most:

1. Brian Eno - "Another green world"
2. David Bowie - "Low"
3. Pixies - "Surfer Rosa"
4. Roxy Music - "Roxy Music"
5. Joy Division - "Unknown Pleasures"
6. The stooges - "Raw Power"
7. The cure - "Three Imaginary Boys"
8. Jesus and Mary Chain - "Psychocandy"
9. The Cramps - "Off the Bone"
10. Velvet Underground - "Andy Warhol" (Ed.: Velvet Underground w/ Nico maybe? Self-titled?)