Diane Cluck: "Easy To Be Around"


By Aaron Newell | 20 July 2005

Aaron Newell is terrible at describing what music sounds like, and this is the probably the hardest song in the whole world to describe beyond “holy shit those vocals,” and that would have been impolite, so being the hack that he is, Newell called up Diane and asked her some questions, getting her to do all the work for him:

CMG: That's all just you on the vocals right?

DC: Yep.

CMG: And you just sort of sat there and decided you were gonna make a song and that came out, right?

DC: Yep. And then I went back and figured out what happened so I could rerecord it for the album.

CMG: So…

DC: Yes?

CMG: What happened?

DC: Things came out right without thinking about them.

CMG: That ALWAYS happens.

DC: It does always happen.

CMG: I’m going to cut the bullshit. Did you set out to make the scariest, most haunting, beautiful, shockingly fucking awesome harmonies ever on purpose, or did you just get in the mood to do that while sitting there trying not to think up songs?

DC: I was trying to describe how it feels to relate to someone or the world in an ideal way. That was the only goal in writing the song. That way, I could go back to it and the sound would remind me how to live when I get off track. Nothing makes me feel better than singing harmonies, I can harmonize with anyone, anytime, for real. I used to sing antiharmonies in the backseat of my parents' station wagon when there was a song on the radio that I didn't like. It annoyed everyone, but it made them laugh.

CMG: Ok. What's this about? Sex?

DC: It's about being easy to be around. Sure, it's about sex.

CMG: That’s awesome. My friend Jan, he's like a really smart dude, he's a med student, but all he listens to is old Syd Barrett stuff, and he thinks he's in love with you?

DC: Meet me by the monkey bars at recess. I'll be the one hanging upside-down wearing a green shirt.