Fountains Of Wayne: "Maureen"


By David M. Goldstein | 14 July 2005

I know you think I’m just a friend / But can we please just put an end / To all the graphic imagery that you insist on feeding me?”

Yup, that quartet of creepy late thirty-somethings who spent the summer of ’03 lusting after Stacy’s Mom have re-surfaced with a catchy ode to the touchiest of subjects: the woman friend. What’s worse, this one’s got serious TMI issues. And what pop music loving, ever so slightly geeky male can’t relate to this? My most memorable Maureen back in high school was named Sarah; she used to tell me that our friendship was far too valuable to jeopardize with a ‘hook-up’ before proceeding to ski pole most of my friends. Sarina would soon follow in college. She would hit it with another dude who not only shared my first name and last initial, but an identical record collection. What gives?

On the bait track from their new odds and sods compilation Out-of-State Plates, Fountains of Wayne masterfully capture the self-loathing of unrequited love in the only way they know how: through hyper-saturated power pop that is ever so slightly too perfect. A bit speedier than most FoW fare, “Maureen” is catchier than cholera, and should force all but the curmudgeonliest of pop aficionados to rock out. It’s tailor-made for inclusion on just about every summer teen movie you can name, probably sounds fantastic blasting from a Jeep Cherokee on the way to Jersey Shore, and neither the Fountains or myself would want it any other way. Its summertime kids. Time to load Welcome Interstate Managers back onto the iPod.