Ghostface Killah f/ Trife: "Milk 'Em (Strange Fruit Project Version)"


By Chet Betz | 2 September 2005

Deleted scene from MTV’s Made, Episode 601:

Niles Greenberg has just finished rapping his verse. Ghostface blinks at Niles. Meanwhile, C Rayz Walz tries on different hats in the studio mirror. Ghostface points his chin at Niles: “What’s your MC name again?” Niles: “MC Blizzard.” Ghostface: “Right.” Niles looks at his feet.

“Are you hard, Blizzard?” “Yessir, Mr. Ghostface.” “Are you?” “Maybe.” “I don’t think you are.” “No, sir, I’m not.” “That’s what I thought.” “Sir?” “What?” “What’s it like, being hard?” “You have no idea, do you?” “No, sir, my real name is Niles Greenberg; I have no concept of hardness.” “Your pops wrote ‘Funkytown,’ right?” “Yes.” “Do you like ‘Funkytown’?” “Well, my father wrote it, sir, so…” “Cuz ‘Funkytown’ is the opposite of hard, you know.”

Ghostface drops a 12” vinyl on the player. Niles walks over to stand beside Ghostface. Ghostface puts his hand on Niles’ shoulder. “This is the Strange Fruit version of my ‘Milk ‘Em’ single with Trife. We brought the ‘Killah’ back for this one.”

In his viking helmet, C Rayz pounds on a drum kit along with the beat until he breaks one of his sticks. The song finishes. Niles: “Fuck.”