Sunless '97: "Body Weather"


By George Bass | 25 June 2012

Sunless ’97 are a hard group to pin down: a duo on their press sheet, a trio in photographs, and based in London/Mexico according to Facebook. The confusion’s a little less obvious in their music, which occupies the zone between early ’90s vocal house and Tangerine Dream soundtracks. It’s a zone they’re in no hurry to share, or even telegraph—even their name is a false clue, too high by at least ten years and hiding the truth about how bright they sound.

This second release finds them swathed in colour thanks to Gil Scott Heron’s saxophonist, and Bear in Heaven’s producer. “Body Weather” adds feminine vocals to synthpop beats, the melody dressed in just enough sparkle to feel authentic, like it’s been covered instead of being original. “Pain in your eyes every time,” cries a Hot Chip impersonator, piercing through the blurred chips as a sax solo completes their recreation of the ’80s. Sunless ’97 might not be clear on who they are, or what decade they’re aiming for, but they carry a solid tune, mischievous enough to pick a band name that sounds like a Pagan festival.