Super Furry Animals: "Atomik Lust"


By Peter Hepburn | 9 January 2008

Okay, so you’re the Super Furry Animals, and you’re sitting around the office one day, and you’re thinking, “Hmm, I’ve come up with the best opening track of my career, now what do I put right after it?” Except, if you were the Super Furry Animals, you’d probably be thinking in Welsh, and you probably wouldn’t be worrying about it, ‘cause face it, you’re the Super Furry Animals, and you pull great songs out of the air on a regular basis. So, instead, you just pop a couple tabs and call up your horn section.

Yeah, the boys in the wookie suits are at it again, and, as we’ve come to expect, there are a couple beautifully nonsensical love songs to be found on Love Kraft. Following in the wake of such greats as “For Now and Ever,” “Fire in My Heart,” “Hello Sunshine” and “Juxtaposed With U” comes “Atomik Lust.” Right from the get-go, Gruff has me with his croon, “If your moon should eclipse me / and block out my sun.” The first chorus ends, the drum line kicks in, and the French horns go soaring toward heaven.

Being a rock band, the Furries bring it back down with a full-on guitar assault, leading Gruff back to, “Let’s get our shit together / and sing with cracked brains / I’d love to see the ending someday / to Citizen Kane.” They close it out well, with those crashing guitars leading into a soulful little keyboard riff. And they’ve done it again, only this time it might even be better. SFA sound older and a bit wiser here, if still deeply strange and Welsh, and with songs like this, “Cloudberries” and “Cabin Fever,” they may have reached their strongest point yet as hapless romantics. For those of us who love to make mixtapes for girls (you know who you are), this is very, very good news.