Two Inch Punch: "Paint It Red"

Single (2012)

By George Bass | 3 July 2012

After the praise heaped on Two Inch Punch’s Love You Up EP, fans will be pleased to know the West London producer isn’t about to change his R&B/electronica recipe. Coming six months after his label debut, this first taster from the upcoming Saturn: The Slow Jams has caused ripples of adoration across the blogosphere. If only all bands could pull off a sequel this efficiently—perhaps the Stone Roses’ recent reunion concerts might’ve been longer, and included more than one track from The Second Coming (1994).

“Paint It Red” features Nashville’s Mikky Ekko at the mic, and offers more layers of soul studded with digitized vocals. First it plays games, emitting garbled noises which imply Two Inch Punch has taken a roundhouse to the head, and damaged the lobe which controls silky electronics. Luckily crooning pop soon comes to the rescue, with Ekko breathing sweet pillow talk as computers pulse and wink behind him. “I will never know / You’re beautiful baby / But you don’t have to paint it red,” he sighs, urging his girl to put down the brush. In another minute the dreamy chorus takes full flight, with both producer and singer achieve a head state like Timbaland lying back with a fat one.