Velella Velella: "Do Not Fold/Do Not Bend"


By Chet Betz | 9 January 2008

thetricyclethief: so, dude, i'm thinking about doing a song review of the first song off your album
andrew embassy: oh yeah?
andrew embassy: that would rule!
thetricyclethief: full No Big Hair feature soon to follow
andrew embassy: awesome!
andrew embassy: (do not fold/do not bend, right?)
thetricyclethief: it's a great opener, really full arrangement, twisting and turning through flutes, building up off that scratchy bass sound and fuzzy synths you guys got going
andrew embassy: awesome!
thetricyclethief: then you guys hit that Midnite Vultures slide-step clap your hands ending
andrew embassy: haha
thetricyclethief: what are you guys saying there, actually?
andrew embassy: yeah, that part is awesome live- people jump up on stage and sing with us
thetricyclethief: cuz i only pretend to understand what bands say most of the time
andrew embassy: "a kiss for everybody movin' / a kiss for everyone inside"

"this time tonight / we're gonna move on up!"
thetricyclethief: oh, nice, very welcoming
thetricyclethief: sounds like something my mother would say after she had a few beers in her
andrew embassy: haha, awesome
andrew embassy: you should definitely put that in the review, haha
thetricyclethief: actually
thetricyclethief: due to my laziness
thetricyclethief: i might just make this conversation the review
thetricyclethief: hmm, do you think i could post an MP3 of the song to go along with the review?
andrew embassy: thetricyclethief (9:47:00 AM): Velella Velella is the best band EVER!!!!
andrew embassy: damn
andrew embassy: I botched that up
andrew embassy: been a while since I tried to pull that stuff
thetricyclethief: i still love you, man, it's okay
andrew embassy: you should put this picture up:

andrew embassy:
because that lady with the pointy fingers is how we want people dancing
andrew embassy: but yeah, totally, post the MP3
thetricyclethief: oh, really, post the MP3?
thetricyclethief: i guess we can stop talking now, then