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By Scott Reid | 2 December 2015

Art: Mel Tow, mlysza.tumblr.com/

It’s Mandatory List Day here at the Glow’s rental castle — long story, but we’re not allowed back in the staff mansion for 8-12 weeks; in not entirely unrelated news Corey will no longer be our weekend pastry chef — and as ever the day is exactly what it aggressively promises. Everyone’s on the hook for at least a top 10, even our dozens of mostly janitorial interns and the new weekend pastry chef, Dom’s dog.

I won’t be using their lists for anything, of course, now that we’ve stopped doing year-end countdowns. This is unspoken but understood, like much at CMG. But it is Mandatory List Day, a tradition that will not be broken just because it’s now even more arbitrary — or because the so-called “palace” we’re in is breezier and frankly more stone-based than we’ve grown accustomed to as wealthy and influential music writers on the Internet. We must list. There are no exceptions. Dom’s dog has to roll around on his 10 favorite records while Clay writes them down, just like everybody else.

Also mandatory: this podcast! Not for non-staffers, unfortunately, though in solidarity feel free to listen along to what will be looping here all day and night over this place’s “high-end sound system,” as the owner had the gall to call it. Possibly while making your own list, voluntarily, for some reason.

List reading, on the other hand, you may be surprised to learn, isn’t compulsory for anyone.

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1. Ricky Eat Acid: “Dear Lord”

2. Rachel Grimes: “The Air of Place” [section]

3. Dawn Richard: “Calypso” / “Sold (Outerlude)” [section]

4. Floating Points: “For Marmish” [section] / “Peroration Six”

5. Helena Hauff: “Dreams in Colour”

6. Phaedra: “Too Much Sugar”

7. Future Stoa Ltd.: “dcncas2” [section] / “illbs1”

8. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Child of Rage” [intro] / “Ezra” / “Intro” [section]

9. Holly Herndon: “Morning Sun”

10. Gordon Ashworth: “Water Sign”

  • (29:52 – 33:31)
  • from You One You Love & Cannot Trust (Iatrogenesis; 2015)
  • gordonashworth.com

11. The OO-Ray: “Hindsight”

12. Christina Vantzou: “The Library”

13. Ian William Craig: “Each All in Another All”

14. Eluvium: “Confessor”

  • (40:41 – 44:23)
  • from Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 (Temporary Residence; 2015)
  • eluvium.net

15. Leila Abdul-Rauf: “Clock Glow”