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No Big Hair 2015

By Scott Reid | 20 December 2015

Art: Sarah Andreasson

Diligent Glow reader: before we put the final touches on our Unison/Harmony feature and close out the year, we give you this one last gleaming hunk of No Big Hair-ness, this 50-minute mix of self-released/small label/underheard/definitely on Bandcamp/possibly just Canadian music that our staff loved in 2015, as thanks.

Thanks for what, exactly? For not giving up on us—not even after that one time Robert Christgau mocked us because we didn’t like Eminem’s Encore. My own mother didn’t speak to me for 6 months, but you? You persevered. When we shrugged at Odd Future after their first TV performance, then shrugged even harder at LCD Soundsystem’s entire career, and the Internet told us to fuck off forever? You forgave us; we grew stronger. When we giggled at that Of Montreal album you sorta liked and gave it a “fart%”? It took strength, but once again you endured. And Yeezus…you know what, let’s not get into Yeezus.

Friend, your prize awaits:

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1. .L.W.H.: “Poverty of the Mind”

2. Andrew Broder / Crescent Moon: “Palms Up”

3. Helena Hauff: “Tripartite Pact”

4. Faith Healer: “Canonized”

5. Dilly Dally: “Witch Man”

6. Violent Mae: “Murdered Bird”

7. Palm: “Child Actor”

8. Tica Douglas: “Black & White”

9. The Weather Station: “Way It Is, Way It Should Be”

10. Stara Rzeka: “Małe świerki” (f/ Jachna/Buhl)”

11. Palmbomen: “John Lee Roche” [section]

12. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: “Hey, You’re Mine”

  • (37:21 – 40:46)
  • from Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life is Loss (Self-released; 2015)
  • asunnydayinglasgow.com/

13. Natasha Kmeto: “Peak”

14. Skylar Spence: “Affairs”

15. Future Stoa: “dcnnas2”