The Indelicates f/ Mikey & Nicky: "The Recession Song"

Download (2009)

By George Bass | 24 February 2009

More people should be listening to the Indelicates. More young people, specifically—they should be shooting BBs at their posters in common rooms, stabbing pin badges through Union Jack bunting and whistling the melodies into the dozing ears of comatose complacent commuters. Last year’s American Demo debut (the band’s interpretation of how worldwide majors weigh up a UK indie LP) was a shot of toothpaste up the arse of Middle England MOR, the feisty pop hooks and operatic canoodling taking your mind off the razor blades in the apple. Frontpersons Simon and Julia have, like everyone else on the fragile end of a five-figure salary, been licking the wounds left by the global economic downturn in the meantime (bang goes that American demo now, kids) with new offering “The Recession Song” playing out like the chug from “Born To Be Wild.” “It’s hard to get a sale now there’s nobody to buy it / I actually do predict an actual riot” holler Julia and Simon, backed on guitar by the boys from Art Brut and more attitude than a heartbroken sixth-former. In true credit crunch spirit, too, you can download it for free, so instead of rattling the paper as diesel creeps up or texting your views to The One Show, keep this on your phone for those bad toilet stops when you run out of quilted economy.