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By Scott Reid | 19 October 2015

Art: adamtanart.tumblr.com

This is a big day for those of us in Canada, as far as voting in federal elections to replace a current sitting dick with a fresh dick goes, and CMGcast 154 is here for you. It does not judge. Listen to this while you wait in line to vote for your dick of choice, if you want, perhaps while mentally calibrating Róisín Murphy’s lyrics as anti-Harper. Post-election, celebrate with some Danny Brown or Kenton Slash Demon, if you’re so lucky; if not, well, that’s alright, you can console yourself with seven minutes of Ian William Craig’s vocal loops swarming and decaying upon themselves. Watching on TV? Nothing drowns out George Stroumboulopoulos like new Dan Friel.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less. Vote however you want, this podcast is dedicated to something much more exciting: birthday boy Jose Bautista! Sure, Joey Bats isn’t Canadian, but then neither are any of the 13 artists you’re about to hear, and good luck to any dick trying to unite this country as much as a single righteous bat flip or indie music podcast.

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1. Róisín Murphy: “Exploitation” [single edit]

2. Kenton Slash Demon: “Harpe” / “Syko” [sections]

3. Empress Of: “Standard”

4. Nicolas Jaar: “Fight (Nymphs V)” [section]

5. Natasha Kmeto: “I Thought You Had a Boyfriend”

6. Danny Brown/Clams Casino: “Worth It”

7. Dan Friel: “Life Pt. 1”

  • (21:02 – 25:35)
  • from Life (Thrill Jockey; 2015)
  • danfriel.com

8. Algodón Egipcio: “Multiestabilidad”

9. Ian William Craig: “Habit Worn and Wandering”

10. Noveller: “Growing”

11. Jenny Hval: “Some Days” [section] / “Heaven”

  • (37:18 – 42:13)
  • from Apocalpyse, girl (Sacred Bones; 2015)
  • jennyhval.com

12. Rachel Grimes: “The Herald”

13. Roommate: “Wilderness”