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By Scott Reid | 12 August 2015

Art: Cam Floyd, “Synth-Sense”

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the CMGcast, a Thing You Can Listen To on the Internet since Glow alum Peter Hepburn kicked things off with what remains our only hosted podcast. It holds up well, as do a lot of those early mixes, actually, if you’re still interested in what we were listening to a decade ago—especially Aaron Newell’s two-parter, Sean Ford’s halloween party playlist, Dom’s mix from back when people used phrases like “a CD-R full of music,” and Chet’s rap-centric birthday podcast from early ’06.

First, though, before jumping back a decade in time and likely wondering why we all referred to David Greenwald as “Boogz” back then (and…don’t; the answer is way more juvenile than you’d expect), I give you CMGcast 153. It may not be a conventionally “celebratory” soundtrack for…anything, really, let alone an occasion such as this, BUT here’s a ton of gorgeous instrumental music alongside our favorite rap and experimental of the year anyway:

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1. Palmbomen: “Leo Danziger” / “Caitlyn”

2. Nosaj Thing: “2K (f/ Katie Gately)” / “Medic”

3. Lilacs & Champagne: “Case Closed!” [section]

4. Andrew Broder / Crescent Moon: “Ritual” / “Palms Up” [intro]

5. Vince Staples: “Street Punks”

6. Prefuse 73: “Loop One” / “Still Pretending” / “Loop Three”

  • (10:26 – 13:25)
  • from Travels in Constants, Vol. 2 / Forsyth Gardens (Temporary Residence; 2015)
  • facebook.com/Prefuse73

7. Friendzone: “SUA

8. Holly Herndon: “An Exit”

9. Jamie xx: “Just Saying”

  • (23:04 – 24:16)
  • from In Colour (Young Turks; 2015)
  • jamiexx.com

10. Main Attrakionz: “Cycles”

11. Tree: “Somethin’” / “Someday” [sections]

12. .L.W.H.: section from Untitled Tape 4 (‘You Are Not That Fucking Guy’ Tape)

13. Quelle Chris: “Where the Wild Things Roam”

14. Boogie: “Gods Work Interlude” / “Overstate Interlude” [outro]

15. Nicolas Jaar: “The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now”

16. Clark: “Unfurla Cremated”

17. The OO-Ray: “Crush Point”

18. future stoa: “sbpas2”

19. Ricardo Donoso: “HaR1”